Research Figures for 2019 Wenner-Gren Application

Figure 1.

Pilot: Concept generating research, 8 weeks of non-continuous fieldwork July 2018–September 2019.

Research Question Research Question Data Generated
How did health care workers respond to Hurricane Maria? Did a new ethics of care emerge? Semi-structured interviews of health care workers

Providers described how they overcame challenges to deliver care after Maria and articulated a
strong commitment to caregiving.
· We use the emic term “compromiso” to label this new ethics of care.
· Socioeconomic status and gender were important independent variables.

Wenner Gren Project: Hypothesis Testing, July and August 2020

Research Question Research Question Data Generated
Did health care workers’ experiences during and after Hurricane Maria permanently alter their ethics of care? Is compromiso new and broadly shared? Focus groups

10 groups of 6-8 members

· Collective, consensus view through group dialogue

· Puts initial findings at risk: Participants can agree with, reject, and/or refine the pilot project findings.

· Time test of pilot findings

Figure 2.

Focus Group Subject Recruitment Plan, n = 70

Participant Characteristics Practice Location
Provider Type Education Level Metro Area West Central/South
Physicians, Dentists, Psychologists, PsychiatristsMD, PhD, DMD, DDS, DOX*XX
AdministratorsBachelor’s and Master’s degreesXX
Nurses, Social Workers, PharmacistsBachelor’s and Master’s degreesXXX
Staff (secretaries, care techs, etc.)Bachelor’s, some college, high school or lessXX

*Each X represents one focus group with 6-8 participants.