The related disciplines of anthropology and sociology seek to understand the nature of communities, organizations, and institutions; the system of meanings that form and inform them; and the interplay between individuals’ lives and the societies in which they live. Such understanding requires a critical analysis of the interactions among societies and the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of power embodied in structures of class, gender, ethnicity, and race that operate on both local and global levels. Our goal is to provide courses that integrate the two disciplines into a common curriculum from which students derive the conceptual, theoretical, analytical and methodological tools for a broad yet nuanced understanding of the local and global dimensions of contemporary issues. This awareness, gained through reading, discussion, and active engagement both in the local community and through international programs and projects is consistent with the mission of the college: to better understand, live successfully within, and provided enlightened leadership to a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.

Students graduating with a major in Anthropology and Sociology will find this major relevant for careers not only in anthropology and sociology but in a broad range of related fields including human rights, organizing, journalism, law, urban affairs, human services, public administration, community and international development, government, business, medicine, and education.